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I have never been one to self-motivate when it comes to going to the gym, and I tend to avoid the big gyms at all costs. I've only had six personal workouts in the last four months, the rest have been done at home, so I'm never the one to start the exercise.

I train for the class at 5: 45 in the morning, it's fun and challenging at the same time. The group is very motivating, even though it's hard to get up for it, but I'm always happy when I can train.

Once you meet Steve and start training, you know you're getting a good workout, even if it's only for about 30 minutes.

The progression is natural when your body becomes stronger and the results become more tangible. At Conca Sport & Fitness I am stronger and more flexible than I was at the beginning, my balance and flexibility have improved enormously, not to mention I have more energy than ever before. I had a lot of self-esteem and I was confident that I would be stronger in the long run because I am a good athlete and I have big health and fitness goals for the future. My body has become strong and I have more energy: ConCA Sport and Fitness is a great place for me to be strong, have more energy and train more.

Steve, Julia and Neil constantly urge me to exercise And I'm doing things that I never thought I could do before. In innovative workouts, which aim at overall body strength and muscle balance, muscles work together instead of functioning alone.

I lost a total of 24 inches, lost 15 lbs, gained 9 - 25 lbs of muscle mass and spent less time in the gym. First place in a highly competitive ballroom competition was a fantastic training and hard, and I finished 1st in the Manhattan Dancesport Competition in 2011.

I was one of the first clients to join Conca Sport Fitness in January 2010 and I am so happy that I did. For years I didn't look or feel good, but I finally knew I could work out better if I ate healthier and spent less time in the gym. Since joining ConCA Sports & Fitness, I have received more of it than I would have gotten to my regular gym, and my training time has been reduced by 1-2%.

I started 2011 with the slogan "New Year, New Year" and with the help of csf I have been working on my overall fitness, nutrition and health and well-being for a year now.

In 12 weeks I have learned to take my workouts to a much higher level, not only on csf, but also on my own. I've trained from once a week at the beginning to every week, and from week to week once, to once every two weeks.

I originally wanted to lose 20 pounds in a day, lose a size and have more energy every day. I wanted the extra accountability to take me a little further and motivate me to stick with it.

Although I know that the results will not come overnight, I am grateful to CSF for helping me to achieve this new goal in 2012. I plan to make as many 5k's as possible in the next few months and look forward to Allison's wedding in a fantastic November.

The MinuteClinic (r) is located in West Springfield, Massachusetts, just a few blocks from my house, and it is right next to the CVS where I stop on my way home to pick up my kids. The kids are doing sports drills on the road, so I stopped by the CVS clinic and picked them up.

The school has a sports hall, which includes a basketball court, a football field, a football and field hockey field. They also have Clark Field, where football, football, lacrosse and hockey are played. The field has a grass pitch with a field house, an indoor track, two basketball courts, three football fields and two football fields.

The building includes a basketball court, an indoor track, two basketball courts, a field house and a football field. The first phase of the West Springfield High School Athletic Center was completed in early fall 2012 for the sports season. A week later, the second phase - a new football and lacrosse training facility - was completed and the new sports hall was inaugurated.

I was able to make the decision to get my health and strength back and I have lost 31 pounds, gained a few inches and strengthened muscles all over my body. I feel so much better mentally and physically, not to mention having a much firmer body and losing a size 10 and losing 20 inches. While I was training with Conca, I lost 15 pounds and 20 inches, but I would not have been able to achieve what I got from my friend ConCA I'd have to lose another 20 plus inches!

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