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The West Springfield Cultural District, a cultural mainstay of the district, is committed to providing tourists with the best of Western Mass. Culture, art, music and entertainment while ensuring that visitors can enjoy the good of what Western Mass has to offer. Cultural mainstays and district partners are the Western Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Boston Public Library. The park hosts a variety of cultural events, events and events for all ages and abilities. Venues: There is an outdoor amphitheatre with live music and dance performances by local artists; there are a number of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and cafés as well as a café and café.

If you're there on a Thursday, you can enjoy live music during the Thunderbird Thursday program, which runs throughout the summer.

While Western Mass. has many other museums to choose from, visitors can also take a look at the Museum of the American Revolution and the Massachusetts Historical Society collection.

Built in 1794, the Arsenal became the main small arms manufacturer and later developed the Springfield Garand rifle. During the American Civil War, it produced the famous Springfield Musket, and the arsenal itself became a major US Army production facility. Many of the 19th century buildings are now housed in modern buildings, such as the Museum of Western Mass. Historical Society, Museum or State House, and visitors are amazed at how much the relatively small town of Springfield has contributed to modern culture. Springfield, Massachusetts, is known as "The City of the First" for many innovations and inventions, including basketball.

Springfield College was founded in 1885 and STCC is Massachusetts' only technical community college, while Springfield Technical Community College is located on the Arsenory site, surrounded by a distinctive wrought iron fence. The other colleges are Springfield State College, Springfield College of Technology and Springfield University. Together they are based in West Springfield, MA, but there is no other college in Massachusetts with a campus in Springfield.

Nearly a year ago, the organization moved to 429 Morgan Road in West Springfield and began an expansion program that is already underway.

When the renovations are completed, Springfield will become part of the West Massachusetts Intercity Subway, which will conveniently connect West Springfield, Holyoke and Springfield. Hartford is about 30 minutes south to commute comfortably, but there's really nothing there to entertain you - smart to go there anyway. The area around Big E is not the most beautiful and even this area is not terrible, so it is okay to go to the Hills. Springfield may not be the best area in town, but it is right across the river and there are some areas in Big e that are not pretty.

The city closest to the river is generally a more urban area, but to the west it has become more suburban, though not so far that you feel far away. I was informed that it is about a half-hour drive from downtown and about an hour from downtown Springfield.

The partnership has more than 50 members, including the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, WGBY-TV, the West Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the City of Springfield. Symphony Hall is home to many of the city's musicals, as well as a number of concerts and other events. The Metro Center also houses the prestigious CityStage Theater and its lively Club Quarter, which surrounds Stearns Square and Worthington Street.

In addition, the region is anchored by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, the West Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the City of Springfield. The third annual Arts Stop, which brings young artists in Springfield together with local artists, musicians, writers, artists, and other creative professionals, underscores a point that is increasingly being emphasized by artists: a significant creative community is growing in and around Springfield, which is not yet as visible as in other parts of the state or even the country.

Crime was high in Springfield during the 1990s and early 2000s, but the city's crime rate has dropped dramatically, from 51st place last year to its highest (18th) since 2003. Neighbors in the Tatham neighborhood of West Springfield are in the upper middle income bracket, making them more vulnerable to crime than in other parts of the state.

The Hilltowns have a long history of violence dating back to the Shays' rebellion in the 1780s.

In the early 1970s, Interstate 91 wreaked havoc on Springfield's urban fabric when it was built, cutting through three river districts and amputating the city from the Connecticut River to the Basketball Hall of Fame. The Vermonter was scheduled to pass through Springfield in 2012 as part of its current Amtrak and Vermanter stops in Massachusetts. Springfield is home to one of the largest theme parks in New England, located in the heart of Springfield, just blocks from Springfield State Park. Otherwise, it's a small town with a population of about 1.5 million people, located on the eastern edge of West Springfield, the state's largest city.

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